GReddy Type FV2 Blow Off Valve Kit Universal (11501666)




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The new GReddy FV2 universal blow off valve has an adaptive floating valve structure which does not open up under negative pressure. The FV2 features the same floating valve structure as the previous model, with more improved revisions! Still compatible with the standard GReddy flange.

GReddy Blow Off Valves are easily adjustable to eliminate compressor surge and preventing premature boost leakage, while increasing boost response between shifts. Each valve is made of durable cast and billet aluminum and the valve to diaphragm ratio provides performance that cheap piston types cannot offer. The spring stiffness adjustment screw gives the user the option to match vehicles with mild upgrades to heavily tuned engines.

• Compatible with standard 2-bolt GReddy BOV flanges and Type-RZ outlet adapters
• Floating Valve design with opposing springs for improved control, response and idle
• The new adjustable knob can be turned by hand to adjust the spring setting
• The vacuum nipple can be adjusted 360° to suit your build
• The floating valve mechanism prevents premature opening and closing of the valve
• Quick response in all boost ranges

(1) Blow Off Valve
(1) Blow Off Valve Gasket
(2) Stainless Bolts
(2) Stainless Lock Washers
(2) Stainless Nuts
(2) T-Fittings
(1) Vacuum Hose

aka FV2, FV 2, FV-2, FVII, FV-II
Replacement for the FV 11501665
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See more GReddy Products
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Customer Reviews

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Adam Jackson (Kansas City, MO, US)

GReddy Type FV2 Blow Off Valve Kit Universal (11501666)

Marc Randolph (Gardena, CA, US)
Much needed upgrade

I originally purchased the FV1 5 years ago and loved it but over time it wore out and got damaged and caused a boost leak i was tracking down for longer then it should have taken to figure out.
When looking to repair the fv1 i found they made an upgrade version and corrected all the flaws with the original. The major upgrade being the adjustment top. The original had a lock nut and alan screw, if you loosed too much it completely came out and if u over tightened it would strip the head and cause an internal boost leak, which is what happened to mine. The new FV2 has a 6 rotation adjustment knob the goes to full soft and full hard. I came home from work tonight and immediately came in, opened the box, popped the hood and swapped them out. Then started the car and noticed an immediate improvement in my idle, after a few revs i noticed the turbo fluttered so after a few turns in directions a few times i finally found the sweet spot where there was a constant release and no flutter. Also was able to reuse my recirculating end and also the blue ring from the original as well, i did not like the silver one. Overall great product and i highly recommend you upgrade if you have the original.

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