DEI Cryo Intercooler Sprayer Kit (080108) *Currently Unavailable*



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The DEI CryO² Intercooler Sprayer Kit includes everything needed to enhance the intercooler's thermal transfer ability and improve its efficiency by as much as 50%. Kit includes 10 lb. tank and brackets, Cryogenic solenoid valve, 14 ft. stainless steel braided supply line, Arming, activation, and WOT switches, All necessary CO² fittings and electrical hardware, and 16in x 5in front-mount intercooler sprayer and hardware.

*Currently Unavailable*
As of October 2022, this part has been placed on a temporary hold by DEI. We will update when we know more.

• Enhances intercooler thermal transfer ability
• Lowers air temperatures by as much as 35%
• Improves intercooler efficiency by as much as 50%
• Non-injectable system - ability to run more boost safely
• Straight forward, easy bolt-on installation
• CO² is less expensive to refill than nitrous

Kit Includes:
• 10lb. tank and brackets
• Cryogenic solenoid valve
• 14ft stainless steel braided supply line
• Arming, activation & WOT switches
• CO² fittings
• Electrical hardware
• 16" x 5" front-mount intercooler sprayer & hardware
• Four (4) 14" Stainless Steel Locking Ties

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