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Every vehicle STM performs services on is required to have the STM Work Order signed. Labor is performed Monday-Friday by appointment only and there is no scheduled tech work on Saturdays.

Please print, sign and return to:

Labor Rates:
STM Labor Rates are $200 per hour if you purchased the products from STM or $225 per hour if you bring your own parts purchased elsewhere. An unavoidable 8% New York State Tax will be added to all in-house work. A $2.50 per hour “Shop Supplies” fee may apply to some install labor hours.

Shop Supply Fee:
A $2.50 per hour “Shop Supplies” fee may apply to some install labor hours.

Storage Fee:
STM requests that customers please pick up their vehicle as soon as possible after service is completed. STM will charge a $10 per day storage fee if the vehicle is not picked up after 2 business days. Any leftover parts not taken by the customer will be disposed of if not claimed upon pick up.

Clean Up Fee:
Customer accepts all associated risks with chassis dyno tuning. If the customer's vehicle "blows up" or makes any other such mess that may cause significant repair or cleaning to the machinery, the customer may be charged a clean-up fee.

STM reserves the right to turn down work for any reason at any time. Our main concern is safety. We will not dyno any vehicle with "stretched tires."

If the vehicle requires additional services or labor to continue properly with the tune, the customer will be responsible for any additional costs.

Customer certifies that the vehicle is insured and their own property. Vehicles may be left outside. STM cannot be held responsible for damages that may occur inside or outside the premises, including and not limited to storm damages, accidents or thievery.

Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative any part that affects emissions on motor vehicles used on public roads. Many aftermarket parts and services are intended and designated for track and off-road use only. STM is not responsible for a customer’s decision to modify a vehicle nor what they do with it afterwards. Modifying a vehicle beyond factory power levels can result with engine damage.