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Welding Services:
• Standard Labor Rate: $200 per hour.
• Minimum charge time is 1 hour.

If you are local to the Rochester area and need a little welding modification to your own custom projects, we can help! Stainless, mild steel, aluminum, titanium - you name it, it's what we do! Just give us a call before you stop by to confirm the job and time frame.

Our fabricators are some of the best in the business and treat their craft as an art! If you can dream it, we can build it. Whether it's a show-stopping manifold or just a bung you need welded in place, we can make it!

Our team is proficient with stainless, mild steel, aluminum and titanium.

If you need custom parts built for your car, we will need your car in the shop. There are no refunds on custom work.

Rochester, NY Welding Titanium

Rochester, NY Welding Aluminum Bung

Rochester, NY Welding Repair Stainless Manifold

Rochester, NY Welding

Rochester, NY Welding Stainless Exhaust Oxygen Sensor Bung

Rochester, NY Welding Services