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Mount & Balance Rates:
14" to 18": $20 Per Wheel

19" to 24": $25 Per Wheel

+ Valve Stems ($2.50 each)
+ Wheel Weights (Stickies) ($1 per ounce)
+ NYS Tire Disposal Fee ($2.50)

STM has a Touchless Snap-On Tire Mounting and Balancing Machine on site. We handle each service in a professional and courteous manner and will respect your expensive wheel and tire investment with a worry-free, flawless mount.

Whether you're mounting 19" Volks or just swapping on some snow tires for winter, we have you covered.

If you have a specific wheel and tire combo you want, just give us a call and we can order both, have them mounted and balanced and shipped to your door!

Rochester, NY Tire Mounting & Balancing

Rochester, NY Tire Mount & Balance Install