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Standard Labor Rates:
• $200 per hour if you purchase the products from STM.
• $225 per hour if you bring your own parts purchased from eBay or elsewhere.

No tech work is scheduled on Saturdays.
Please call to schedule your appointment.
8% New York State Tax will be added to all in-house work.

All vehicles must accompany a signed STM Vehicle Work Order prior to service.

We do not give out quotes for labor. We charge by the most fair means possible and bill you by how many hours it actually takes. Some jobs may "call for" 20 hours and we may get it done in 12. Some jobs may call for 5 hours, but not account for that rusted bolt snapping. Each car is unique and our mission is to stay as fair as possible.

Our technicians are all well educated in the performance and racing industry, being the very same crew who builds the race cars that end up on magazine covers, who test the limits out on the race track and run the very parts we build!

Techs are available for consultation on modifications and what will work best for your goals and driving style and will walk you through the new install and features upon completion and how to properly maintain your parts.

Our crew is honest and down-to-earth. We will give you the best advice and service to meet your goals!

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