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STM dyno tuning rates are available for the following vehicles below. For all others, please give us a call to inquire about your platform.

APR Flashing/Tuning is available.

AEM EMS tuning is available for most vehicles if not listed below.

Please call to schedule an appointment.
8% New York State Tax will be added to all in-house work.

The listed pricing is for JUST the tune. Any mechanical work or tuning software the vehicle needs is not included.

Stock ECU with Stock Injectors $400.00
Stock ECU with Larger Injectors: $500.00
AEM EMS (Any Injector): $750.00
Stock ECU with Stock Injectors $400.00
Stock ECU with Larger Injectors: $500.00
DSMlink (Any Injector): $500.00
AEM EMS (Any Injector): $750.00
COBB AccessPort (Any Injectors) $600.00
COBB AccessPort: $500.00
AEM EMS (Any Injector): $750.00
Dyno Rental Rates:
• Standard Labor Rate: $150 per hour.
• Minimum charge time is 1 hour.

If you'd just like to get a couple pulls in to see what she's got, we can simply charge by the hour.

Please note, time clocked involves ALL man-hours including time spent strapping cars down.

White Lamborghini Huracan Dyno Titanium Exhaust

Black Mitsubishi JDM RHD Evo V

Mustang on Dyno

STM Eddie White GSX Dyno Pull

Subaru BRZ Dyno Pull

STM Evo Top Mount Turbo

STM White Evo X Small Brakes

Evo 8 Drag Parachute Strapped Dyno

Audi S3 Turbo Dyno

STM Black Evo 35r