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STM dyno tuning rates are available for the following vehicles below. For all others, please give us a call to inquire about your platform.

APR Flashing/Tuning is available.

AEM EMS tuning is available for most vehicles if not listed below.

Please call to schedule an appointment.
8% New York State Tax will be added to all in-house work.

The listed pricing is for JUST the tune. Any mechanical work or tuning software the vehicle needs is not included.

If you'd just like to rent the dyno for your own tuning or simply to get baseline numbers, please give us a call! We can accommodate AWD, RWD and FWD.

per hour, minimum charge of 1 hour.
Please call ahead to schedule your appointment.

Additional Notes:
• For safety reasons, we only allow cars on the dyno - no trucks.
• Vehicles will require a functioning tachometer.
• No stretched or bald tires. We reserve the right to deny any vehicle for ANY reason. Safety is our main concern.
• All dyno appointments require a non-refundable $200 deposit to hold your time slot. This counts as your first hour.

Stock ECU, AEM EMS $200 per hour.
Stock ECU, manual transmission only. $200 per hour.
DSMlink, AEM EMS $200 per hour.
COBB AccessPort $200 per hour.
COBB, AEM EMS $200 per hour.
Dyno Rental Rates:
• $200 per hour.
• Minimum charge time is 1 hour.

If you'd just like to get a couple pulls in to see what she's got, we can simply charge by the hour.

Please note, time clocked involves ALL man-hours including time spent strapping cars down.

White Lamborghini Huracan Dyno Titanium Exhaust

Black Mitsubishi JDM RHD Evo V

Mustang on Dyno

STM Eddie White GSX Dyno Pull

Subaru BRZ Dyno Pull

STM Evo Top Mount Turbo

STM White Evo X Small Brakes

Evo 8 Drag Parachute Strapped Dyno

Audi S3 Turbo Dyno

STM Black Evo 35r