NRG Short Hub Application Guide

To install your new NRG steering wheel, you'll need the wheel, a quick release and one of these vehicle-specific hubs. These short hubs are designed to be used with the NRG Quick Release so your wheel will be placed in the same location as factory, not too close to the driver.

Some of NRG's listed fitments may be for JDM models. We have done a lot of research confirming fitments with the popular vehicles such as Evo, DSM, WRX, STi, BRZ, 3000GT, Supra, 350Z, 370Z, etc, but if you have ANY questions or see a discrepancy, PLEASE contact NRG directly (626-369-2668) so they can make 100% sure you have the correct part number for the job!

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Model Year Part Number Link
Acura CL 1997-2003 SRK-130H
Acura ILX 2013+ SRK-135H
Acura Integra 1990-1993 SRK-190H
Acura Integra 1994-2001 SRK-110H
Acura Integra (JDM) 2003-2008 SRK-131H
Acura NSX All SRK-150H
Acura RL 1997-2008 SRK-131H
Acura RSX All SRK-131H
Acura TL 1997-2008 SRK-131H
Model Year Part Number Link
Audi A3 1998+ SRK-180H
Audi A4 1998+ SRK-180H
Audi A6 1997-2000 SRK-180H
Audi A8 1997-2003 SRK-180H
Audi R8 All SRK-180H
Model Year Part Number Link
Buick Models 1969+ SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
BMW 318i 1983-1990 SRK-E30H
BMW 318i 1991-1998 SRK-E36H
BMW 325e, ES, I, IS 1984-1990 SRK-E30H
BMW 325e, ES, I, IS 1991-1998 SRK-E36H
BMW 328 1991-1998 SRK-E36H
BMW 330 2001-2006 SRK-E46H
BMW 5 Series 1985-1988 SRK-E30H
BMW 6 Series 1987 SRK-E30H
BMW 7 Series 1987-1993 SRK-E30H
BMW 528e 1985-1988 SRK-E30H
BMW 840i All SRK-E36H
BMW 850i All SRK-E36H
BMW 850ci All SRK-E36H
BMW E39 (540) 1995-2004 SRK-E36H
BMW E90 All SRK-E46H
BMW M3 1986-1990 SRK-E30H
BMW M3 1995-1998 SRK-E36H
BMW M3 2001-2006 SRK-E46H
BMW M5 1985-1988 SRK-E30H
BMW Z3 1995-1998 SRK-E30H
BMW Z4 2001-2006 SRK-E30H
Model Year Part Number Link
Cadillac Models 1969+ SRK-170H
Cadillac CTS 2003-2007 SRK-177H
Model Year Part Number Link
Can-AM Commander 2011-2014 SRK-CANH
Can-AM Maverick 2013-2014 SRK-CANH
Can-AM Maverick X3 All SRK-MX3H
Model Year Part Number Link
Chrysler PT Cruiser (* with modification *) 2000+ SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Chevy Models 1969-1994 SRK-170H
Chevy Blazer All SRK-170H
Chevy Camaro 1969-2005 SRK-170H
Chevy Camaro 2010+ SRK-178H
Chevy Cavalier 1982-1994 SRK-170H
Chevy Cobalt 2005-2010 SRK-177H
Chevy Cruz 2008+ SRK-178H
Chevy Sonic 2002+ SRK-178H
Chevy Suburban All SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Datsun 510, 620, 720 All SRK-142H
Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z All SRK-142H
Model Year Part Number Link
Dodge Models 1969-1994 SRK-170H
Dodge Dart 2013-2016 SRK-DRTH
Dodge Charger 2008-2010 SRK-173H
Dodge Neon All SRK-170H
Dodge Ram 1998-2009 SRK-163H
Dodge Stealth All SRK-100H
Dodge Viper All SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Eagle Talon (All models) 1990-1998 SRK-100H
Model Year Part Number Link
Fiat 500 2007+ SRK-F50H
Model Year Part Number Link
Flaming River All SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Ford F-Series 1967-1972 SRK-172H
Ford F150 and Ranger 1980-1991 SRK-172H
Ford F150, F250, F350, Ranger 1992-1997 SRK-161H
Ford F150, F250, F350, Ranger 1997-2002 SRK-162H
Ford Fiesta All (Except 08-09) SRK-175H
Ford Focus All (Except 08-09) SRK-175H
Ford Mustang 1969-1973 SRK-172H
Ford Mustang Fox Body 1987-1991 SRK-179H
Ford Mustang 1994-2004 SRK-174H
Ford Mustang 2005+ SRK-175H
Model Year Part Number Link
GM Models 1969-1994 SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
GMC Jimmy All SRK-170H
GMC S-15 Before 1992 SRK-170H
GMC Sonoma 1993+ SRK-170H
GMC Suburban All SRK-170H
GMC Typhoon All SRK-170H
GMC Yukon All SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Honda Accord 1986-1990 SRK-190H
Honda Accord 1990-1993 SRK-110H
Honda Accord 1994-2002 SRK-130H
Honda Accord 2003-2012 SRK-131H
Honda Accord 2013-2016 SRK-135H
Honda Civic 1986-1991 SRK-190H
Honda Civic 1992-1995 SRK-110H
Honda Civic 1996-2000 SRK-130H
Honda Civic 2001-2011 SRK-131H
Honda Civic 2012-2015 SRK-132H
Honda Civic 2015+ SRK-135H
Honda CRV, CRZ All SRK-131H
Honda CRX 1986-1991 SRK-190H
Honda Del Sol All SRK-110H
Honda Fit 2001-2007 SRK-131H
Honda Fit 2015+ SRK-135H
Honda Prelude 1987-2001 SRK-190H
Honda Prelude 1992-1996 SRK-110H
Honda Prelude 1997-2001 SRK-130H
Honda S2000 All SRK-131H
Honda Odyssey 1999-2004 SRK-130H
Model Year Part Number Link
Hyundai Accent All SRK-160H
Hyundai Genesis Before 2008 SRK-160H
Hyundai Genesis 2008+ SRK-165H
Hyundai Tiburon All SRK-160H
Hyundai Veloster 2011+ SRK-165H
Model Year Part Number Link
Ididit All SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Infinity G20 All SRK-140H
Infinity G35, G37 All SRK-141H
Model Year Part Number Link
Jaguar X Type All SRK-175H
Model Year Part Number Link
Jeep Cherokee All SRK-170H
Jeep CJ, 5, 6, 7 All SRK-170H
Jeep Renegade All SRK-170H
Jeep Wrangler 1989-1995 SRK-170H
Jeep Wrangler TJ 1996-2006 SRK-171H
Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018 SRK-171H
Model Year Part Number Link
KIA Forte All SRK-160H
KIA Optima All SRK-160H
KIA Rio / Rondo All SRK-160H
KIA Spectra All SRK-160H
Model Year Part Number Link
Lamborghini Gallardo All SRK-180H
Model Year Part Number Link
Confirming Fitments with NRG - SRK-121H
Confirming Fitments with NRG - SRK-125H
Model Year Part Number Link
Lotus S2 V6 Exige Roadster All SRK-123H
Lotus Evora All SRK-123H
Lotus S2 2ZZ Elise 2004-2011 SRK-123H
Lotus S2 1ZZ Elise 2006-2010 SRK-123H
Lotus S2 1.6 Elise 2006-2010 SRK-123H
Model Year Part Number Link
Mazda 3 All SRK-175H
Mazda 626 All SRK-160H
Mazda Miata All SRK-160H
Mazda MX-3/, MX-6 All SRK-160H
Mazda Protégé All SRK-160H
Mazda RX-7, RX-8 All SRK-160H
Model Year Part Number Link
Mercedes 200 1968-1976 SRK-195H
Mazda 280C 1968-1976 SRK-195H
Mazda 380 1968-1976 SRK-195H
Mazda 550 1968-1976 SRK-195H
Mazda W123 1977-1993 SRK-195H
Mazda W201 1977-1993 SRK-195H
Model Year Part Number Link
Mini Cooper 2002-2006 SRK-E46H
Mini Cooper 2007-2015 SRK-MINH
Model Year Part Number Link
Mitsubishi 3000GT 1991-1999 SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Eclipse (1G/2G DSM) 1990-2003 SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Evolution 1/2/3/4/5/6 1992-2001 SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Evolution 7/8/9 2001-2006 SRK-101H
Mitsubishi Evolution X 2008-2015 SRK-102H
Mitsubishi Cordia All SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Galant 1986-1998 SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Lancer 1988-2002 SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Lancer 2004 SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Lancer 2008+ SRK-102H
Mitsubishi Mirage 1991+ SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Montero 1991+ SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Pickup All SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Ralliart 2008+ SRK-102H
Mitsubishi Starion All SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Tredia All SRK-100H
Mitsubishi Van All SRK-100H
Model Year Part Number Link
Nissan 200SX 1990+ SRK-140H
Nissan 240SX S13/S14 Non-Hicas 1989-1998 SRK-140H
Nissan 300ZX Non-Hicas 1990+ SRK-140H
Nissan 350Z, 370Z All SRK-141H
Nissan Altima 1993-2006 SRK-140H
Nissan Armada All SRK-141H
Nissan Cube All SRK-141H
Nissan Juke All SRK-141H
Nissan Maxima 1989-1998 SRK-140H
Nissan Pickup 1988-1997 SRK-140H
Nissan Pulsar 1987-1990 SRK-140H
Nissan Sentra 1991-1996 SRK-140H
Nissan Sentra SE-R 2006+ SRK-141H
Nissan Skyline R32 Non-Hicas 1989-1994 SRK-140H
Nissan Versa All SRK-141H
Model Year Part Number Link
Oldsmobile Models 1969-2005 SRK-170H
Model Year Part Number Link
Pontiac Models 1969-2005 SRK-170H
Pontiac Fiero All SRK-170H
Pontiac GTO 2004-2006 SRK-COMH
Model Year Part Number Link
Porsche 911 1979-1983 SRK-188H
Porsche 997 2000+ SRK-180H
Porsche Boxster 1985-2004 SRK-189H
Porsche Boxster 2005+ SRK-180H
Porsche Cayman 2000+ SRK-180H
Model Year Part Number Link
Plymouth Laser (1G DSM) 1990-1994 SRK-100H
Model Year Part Number Link
Scion XA/XB/XD/TC All SRK-125H
Scion FR-S All SRK-125H
Model Year Part Number Link
Subaru BRZ All SRK-125H
Subaru Forester 1998-2008 SRK-103H
Subaru Forester 2014-2016 SRK-106H
Subaru Impreza RS 1998-2005 SRK-103H
Subaru Legacy 2010-2017 SRK-106H
Subaru WRX & STi 2008-2014 SRK-105H
Subaru WRX & STi 2015+ SRK-106H
Model Year Part Number Link
Suzuki Samurai 1986-1992 SRK-122H
Model Year Part Number Link
Toyota 4 Runner 1989-1996 SRK-120H
Toyota Camry 1987-2000 SRK-120H
Toyota Camry 2001+ SRK-125H
Toyota Celica 1982-1993 SRK-120H
Toyota Celica 1994-2005 SRK-121H
Toyota Corolla 1984-2000 SRK-120H
Toyota Corolla 2001+ SRK-125H
Toyota Cressida 1983-1982 SRK-120H
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006+ SRK-125H
Toyota Land Cruiser 1985-1990 SRK-121H
Toyota Land Cruiser 1991-1996 SRK-120H
Toyota Matrix All SRK-125H
Toyota MR-2 1990-1993 SRK-120H
Toyota MR-S All SRK-120H
Toyota Paseo 1992-1997 SRK-120H
Toyota Pickup 1987-1996 SRK-120H
Toyota Supra MK3 1986-1993 SRK-121H
Toyota Supra MK4 1994-1998 SRK-120H
Toyota Tacoma 1990-1998 SRK-120H
Toyota Tacoma 2005+ SRK-125H
Toyota Tercel 1990-1998 SRK-120H
Toyota Yaris All SRK-120H
Model Year Part Number Link
Volvo 240 1982-1991 SRK-191H
Model Year Part Number Link
VW Beetle 1998+ SRK-180H
VW Corrado 1989-1995 SRK-181H
VW Jetta 1985-1998 SRK-181H
VW Jetta 1999+ SRK-180H
VW Golf 1997+ SRK-180H
VW MK1 / MK2 All SRK-186H
VW Passat 1990-1996 SRK-181H
VW Passat 1997+ SRK-180H
VW Type 1 1960-1974 SRK-185H
Model Year Part Number Link
Yamaha YXZ 2015+ SRK-YXZH
Model Year Part Number Link
3/4" Diameter Welding Required SRK-SWH
5/8" Diameter Welding Required SRK-SWH-1