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S55 N55 M2 M3 M4 Spark Plug FAQ:
There's a LOT of confusion with the factory F8X OEM spark plugs online.

The OEM part number for the S55 M2C/M3/M4 spark plug is 12120039634. These plugs have the "M" logo and are manufactured by Bosch exclusively for BMW. They have a Bosch PN on the OEM BMW box (ZMR5TPP330) and on the plug itself (ZR5TPP330).

People were trying to save some money and just buy the cheaper Bosch plugs directly, but Bosch has changed and updated revisions AND part numbers to the point that it's simply unreliable to order them. Additionally, more rumors state there are counterfeit Bosch plugs kicking around the internet. Currently on Bosch's website, they do not offer any of the S55 PN revisions and we do not sell them.

The OEM part number for the N55 single-turbo M2 spark plug is 12120037582 (aka 12120037575). This is the "High-Power" N55 plug. Again, Bosch manufactures these exclusively for BMW and the Bosch part number on the BMW box is ZR5TPP33-S (ZR5TPP33S), but this plug is not available for sale from Bosch. Furthermore, it is NOT the same spark plug as ZR5TPP33.

NGK "one-step-colder" plugs are also available for upgraded S55/N55 builds. As always, talk it over with your tuner or do some additional research.

For install, a special thin-walled 14mm 12-point spark plug socket is required for removal and installation of the S55/N55 spark plugs. BMW OEM part number 83300495560.

Fitment Part Number: Heat Range: Factory Gap:
S55 OEM BMW Spark Plugs 12120039634 NGK 7 BOSCH 5 .028"
N55 OEM BMW Spark Plugs 12120037582 NGK 7 BOSCH 5 .032"
S55/N55 NGK "One-Step-Colder" SILZKBR8D8S (97506) NGK 8 BOSCH 4 -
S55/N55 OEM Spark Plug Socket 83300495560