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100% genuine OEM Mitsubishi parts for the 2008-2015 Evolution X models! Check the diagram categories to see what we have for your car! More parts are added daily!

Evo X OEM Clutch & Release Evo X OEM Transmission Evo X OEM Transfercase
Clutch & Release Transmission Transfercase
Evo X OEM Rear Differential Evo X OEM Axles & Driveshaft Evo X OEM Shifter & Cables
Rear Differential Axles & Driveshaft Shifter & Cables
Evo X OEM ACD/AYC & Fluid Cooler Evo X OEM Wheel Bearings Evo X OEM Fluids
ACD/AYC & Fluid Cooler Wheel Bearings Fluids

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