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COVID-19 Shop Updates

As of December 29, 2020:

We are open Monday - Friday, shipping orders and making parts. Some orders are delayed due to the influx of orders and slower delivery of parts to us, but we are here and working on it! 

We are open to walk-in's! If you need oil or need to order parts, we are here! The world is weird right now, but you are free to do whatever makes you feel comfortable regarding the mask.

Contacting Us:
We are BUSY! There's been a HUGE amount of orders! If you are trying to contact us, PLEASE only send one email! The same guys handle the email, phones and Facebook messages. The email is flagged to filter out multiple messages from the same sender, so keep your message clean with your order info and contact phone number. Facebook is checked last and our photographer handles Instagram. Email is the best place to contact the guys you need to talk to or feel free to come in the shop. Please be patient! Our main priority is getting parts out the door right now. We are not currently taking in any new tunes, installs or builds.

We appreciate your support and are working hard to support you back! 

Please understand that with the current global situation many manufacturers have been closed, limited or delayed. We are still catching up and are waiting on a lot of stock orders, but parts roll in every day and we are getting caught up! 

If you are waiting on fabricated items (parts that need to be welded and created such as manifolds, exhausts, turbo kits, intercoolers, etc, STM, TiAL, ETS and JMF... we are all slammed and a little behind in production across the nation. Even Mitsubishi parts are occasionally rolling in slow if they have to come from Japan. Our fabricators and machine shops are all busy, please be patient!

We truly appreciate you in these crazy times! Stay safe!