2023+ Corolla GR Drivetrain Parts

Find clutch kits, flywheels, install parts, axles, wheel bearings, driveshaft, transmission, tcase and diff parts, shifters, bushings, bracing and mounts for the 2023+ Corolla GR. We are also available for service appointments and keep Toyota OEM fluids and filters in stock.

Here's a couple quick service notes to help.

Corolla GR Quick Maintenance Notes:
Transmission Fluid
(OEM Toyota LV 08885-81007)
75W GL-4 2.0 Liters for LSD
2.1 Liters without LSD
Transfer Case
(OEM Toyota LT 08885-02506)
75W-85 GL-5 0.6 Liter
Rear Diff
(OEM Toyota LX 08885-02606)
75W-85 GL-5 0.5 Liter