2022+ WRX Drivetrain Parts

Upgrade your 2022-2023 Subaru WRX drivetrain parts at STM! Most parts listed will be for the 6-speed manual transmission, but if you have an auto CVT and need to find some OEM parts, just give us a shout, we are happy to help!

Find clutch kits, flywheels, install parts, axles, wheel bearings, driveshaft, transmission and diff parts, shifters, bushings, bracing and mounts. We are also available for service appointments and keep Subaru OEM fluids and filters in stock.

Since the 2022+ WRX models are fairly new to the market and not all fitments are updated in the industry, we did some research with Subaru part numbers and found that all OEM part numbers for the 2018+ WRX are the same for 2022+ 6-speed for the flywheel, clutch cover, clutch disc, clutch line, throw out bearing, pilot bushing and flywheel bolts. You can use any 2018+ WRX clutch/flywheel kit.

Here's a couple quick service notes to help. You'll need just under 5 quarts to change the trans and diff fluid. 75w90 is recommended.

2022-2023 WRX Drivetrain Fluid Notes:
Transmission (Manual 6-Speed) 3.5 US Quarts (3.3 Liters)
Rear Diff Capacity 0.8 US Quarts (0.8 Liters)
Rear Diff Drain Plug M18x12
Transmission (CVT) TBA