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Check out the DSM-specific wheel and tire packages, but note the wheels listed by vendor are not vehicle-specific. Please confirm your fitments before purchase.
DSM Packages ADV1 Wheels Advan Wheels
DSM Wheels ADV1 Advan
BBS Wheels Enkei Wheels Gram Lights Wheels
BBS Enkei Gram Lights
HRE Wheels Rota Wheels Signature Wheel Company
HRE Rota Signature
Volk Wheels Weds Wheels Weld Racing Wheels
Volk WedsSport Weld
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1G 2G DSM Mitsubishi Eclipse GST GSX Eagle Talon TSi Plymouth Laser AWD FWD Turbo 4G63 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2GA 2GB 1GA 1GB Wheels 5x114.3 15" 16" 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" ADV1 5.0 05 5 005 7R 10 05R 05C 05S 10R 5.3 06 5S 15R 8R 07R 6 15 08 10.0 5.2 8 7 06r 06RM 05RM 06RM 7RACE 05RM BEADLOCK Advan GT RG III RG-D RG-D2 RS-D RS-DF RS-DF RSII RZ RZ-DF RZ-DF RZII TCIII BBS CH CH-R CX-R FI FI-R LM LM-R RE RE-V RG-F RG-R RN RS-GT RW RX-R SR Super RS Bogart Drag Slicks Carbon Revolution Enkei GTC 01 NT03+M PF01 PF01EVO PF01SS RC-G4 RPF1 RSM9 GTC01RR RS05RR FUJIN KOJIN T6S T6S TENJIN TS-10 TS9 TSP-5 TSP6 TX5 TY-5 Gram Lights 57C6 57CR 57D 57DR 57FXX 57Getter 57Transcend 57V 57Valkyrie 57Xtreme HRE P101 P1 P103 P104 P106 P107 P161 P200 P201 P204 P207 RS200M RS204M RS205M RS207M RS208M RS300M RS304M RS307M RS308M RS309M R101 R101 RC100 RC103 S101 S104 S107 RS100 Rota Slipstream Volk Rays ZE40 TE37 G50 G27 CE28N Weds WedsSport TC105N Weld