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AEM Infinity Plug & Play Harness (SILVIA SR20DET)



AEM 94-96 Silvia SR20DET Infinity Plug & Play Harness for Series 5 ECU

Fits these Applications:
1994-1996 Nissan Silvia SR20DET Manual Transmission

Infinity Nissan SR20DET Plug & Play Harness with Expansion Port.

Once you have determined which Series 5 Infinity ECU will best support your Nissan SR20DET M/T engine, you will need to purchase this SR20DET Plug & Play adapter harness (PN 30-3517).

AEM's Plug & Play harness for Nissan SR20DET engines includes a Wideband O2 connector, AEMnet connector for communication with other AEMnet enabled devices and an auxiliary connector with a High Performance DTM-Style 12P connector for adding common aftermarket sensors including fuel pressure, air inlet temperature, MAP, oil temperature and ethanol content sensor.

The expansion port also includes a sensor ground, 5v reference, 12v power from relay and high side output for activating a relay or solenoid, a low side output for boost control and analog inputs for mode switch and no-lift shift.

Complete Stand Alone Engine Control.
The Infinity ECU combines with the Plug & Play harness to replace the factory ECU. It controls all of the engine functions and the Plug & Play wiring harness adapter eliminates the need for cutting and splicing wires.

Supports OEM Cam Angle Sensor.
The AEM Infinity ECU supports the Nissan SR20DET's OEM Cam Angle Sensor (CAS) '360 Degree' pattern. The base calibration is pre-configured for the OEM CAS. The Infinity ECU can be reconfigured via the Setup Wizard to properly read the 12 crank/1 cam timing pattern on engines using an AEM CAS trigger disk.

Supports Factory VTC.
The Infinity ECU supports the factory Nissan Valve Timing Control (N-VCT) system.

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