Valves - Supertech Sodium Filled Inconel Exhaust - 4G63



Fits these Applications:
1992-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I-IX
1990-1999 1G & 2G DSM (Eclipse GST/GSX, Talon TSi & Laser Turbo)


Supertech valves are made from one piece of forged stainless steel and go through a special heat treatment process that obtains the right amount of harness for each engine to ensure the ultimate valve for your performance motor.

Inconel Features:
The Inconel 751 Nickel Base Alloy material is used for exhaust valves in engines that reach very high temperatures and its use is growing with the application of turbos and superchargers.

Sodium Filled Features:
The Supertech Sodium Filled Inconel Valves, are designed to withstand even higher temperatures. As the sodium becomes liquid it will transfer the heat from the head of the valve to the guide and cylinder. This in turn keeps the valve cooler, and lessens the risk of warping.

- Nimonic 751 or Nimonic 80
- Used Only on the exhaust
- Used in engines with Turbo or Forced induction
- Sodium cools the valve by removing heat from the head to the stem, reducing the chances of valve warping due to extreme temperatures.
- A cooler valve offers more flexibility with spark advance w/ out pre ignition
- Weight reduction is approximately 10%

(1) Valve
Valves are sold individually to suit your needs. Please confirm total quantity at checkout.
Pricing is for one, single valve.

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