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HKS GT-R R35 R Type Ductless Intercooler



Available for these Applications:
2009+  R35 GT-R VR38DETT

An air ductless addition to the intercooler kit for Nissan GT-R R35 spec.
This product is for those of who want a reasonable price tune-up.

Cooling Performance:

The performance of intercooler of stock is fine for normal stage, but for the tuned car of 1.2k boost-up (GT570, GT600 kit) can reach high temperature rapidly because of near flow capacity limitation of turbocharger which is that the stock core size is small capacity. To improve the cooling performance, more core capacity is required but a little bigger intercooler than the stock could not provide enough cooling performance. Therefore we have employed size of 400x260x65 and thinner core type for much better cooling performance. 


HKS Intercooler is lighter than the stock Intercooler that gives over-hang weight trimming effect.
(Stock: 9.6kg (21lbs), HKS: 8.0kg (17.6lbs))

Pressure Loss:

For losing pressure by the thinner core design we have revised inner fin to keep down the increasing pressure loss.

Effects of Engine Water Temperature:

For the large capacity core, the air to radiator cause problem of rising temperature. We have solved this problem by making the core thinner which increases the speed of air passing through the radiator. We have tested at racing track with racer driver and confirmed the water temperature.

  • Installation time: about 8~10 hours
  • Parts for the kit: Intercooler Assy, Intercooler pipe, silicon hose, hose band, bracket, bolt-nut
Vehicle Model Year Type Core Size・Location Remarks
GT-R 07/12- R type INTERCOOLER 400X260X65・2・Front mount Can install to a carbon air guide-less and a left-hand drive car. Not checked for SPEC V.

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