HKS GT-R R35 High Flow Surge Tank



Fits these Applications:
2009-2017 Nissan R35 GT-R

Tank independent type surge tank kit assuming GT 1000 SPEC. Optimized tank capacity, with high output compatibility, aiming to improve pickup. 
Furthermore, in consideration of the fuel system which is required for high output, the delivery pipe for installing additional injector is also set exclusively as PRO KIT.

HKS has newly developed Surge Tank Kit with a stand-along tank for R35 GT-R. HKS Surge Tank Kit shows its presence in the engine compartment.

This kit was designed to equalize intake air volume of each cylinder so it allows stable engine output. Also, this kit improves the engine compartment appearance. Twin Injector Pro Kit, an additional injector installation delivery pipe, was also designed and released for high performance fuel tuning.


  • HKS' Special Material & Original Design
  • Stand-alone casting tank (separated type)
  • To withstand the GT1000 Spec., the port diameter was enlarged, the port shape was changed, and airflow volume was re-maintained. Its unique shape maintains the original performance.
  • For engine response improvement, the tank capacity was optimized. The tank shape was designed to provide optimum engine response and airflow.
  • The funnel shape of the port tank side allows full-use of the airflow from the tank side.


  • Reuse of the stock air temperature sensor Installation hole, adapters, blow-by pipe, connecting pipe, etc makes installation easier.
  • No pipe fabrication for installation and no complex layout operation are required.

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