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HKS GT-R R35 Capacity Upgrade 4.3L Kit



Available for these Applications:
2009+  R35 GT-R VR38DETT

In order to further power up 4.1 L KIT for VR 38 DETT, it was renewed as 4.3 L KIT. 
By reviewing the shape of piston and newly setting special oil jet for optimum cooling, more precise balancing of crankshaft, etc. 
· Adapted to higher torque (allowable torque: 150 kgf-m) 
· Genuine Low level vibration equivalent to level 
· Realized the world's highest level long stroke (stroke: 99.0 mm)

It became a kit that corresponds widely from street to circuit.

Piston Kit

  • By fully cutting out from a forged round bar, we realized the ideal shape without ova.
  • It adopted exclusive truss shape, realizing high strength and super light weight.
  • Secure squish area and realize high speed combustion.

A full cutting piston ensuring a squish area and realizing better combustion

Crankshaft with 99mm Stroke

  • Without changing the bore size, a wonderful 99.0 mm stroke is realized.
  • Adopt full cutting out crank from round bar.
  • Precise balance adjustment was carried out against the vibration unique to V6. I keep it to a level where there is no problem in town riding. (Can not be combined with kit external products)
  • In preparation for an increase in the burden on the main metal due to ultra-high torque, we adopted a structure that improves hitting of metal and reduces the load.
  • By adopting heavy metal and adopting highly efficient balance weight, lightweight and high response is realized.

HKS Crankshaft

Connecting Rods

  • Along with the long stroke, a dedicated connecting rod is set. Processing on the engine side has been kept to a minimum.

Corresponding to normal bores 95.5 mm

  • Adopting genuine bore size which is ideal from the viewpoint of heat conduction so as not to drop the block strength which is a part of the performance of the engine itself.
  • In terms of cost, you can reduce the cost of parts, liner processing costs, block top polishing etc that are required for liner processing.

Exclusive Oil Jet

  • Dedicated oil jet for optimum cooling of dedicated piston for kit was newly set up.

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