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GSC Power Division S1/S2/S3/R2 Camshafts for Evo 4-9



Vehicle Fitment:
1996-2005 Mitsubishi Evolution IV V VI VII VIII
2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX MIVEC

GSC Billet camshafts are available for Evo builds from basic bolt-on's to 800+ HP. These cams are sold as the pair, both intake and exhaust. Please be sure to order the correct cams for your car as the MIVEC Evo 9 cams are different than the Evo 4-8. Read all details below!

(2) Camshafts

More Details from GSC:
GSC's 7000 Series Billet Cams start off as cold-forged alloy steel bars. This means the steel is pressed into its round bar shape rather than molten steel being poured into a mold, as in cast steel cores. The benefit is that the material is both stronger and more dense, leaving no room for pores or imperfections during the forming of the core. These new cores set the base for a stronger building block in their advanced camshaft development and design process. Furthermore, on high torsion and shock load camshafts with variable valve timing, the billet cores will provide an extremely high level of reliability over the cast core camshafts.

Shear stresses at all undercuts for oil routing journals are met by the stronger cross- sectional area of the billet core vs. the cast core. Shearing at any of these points in variable valve timing equipped engines is now highly unlikely. The fully turned, ground, billet camshafts are also extremely balanced in order to minimize and/or eliminate all types of added harmonics and vibrations.

GSC's Nitride Coating treatment process offers the new billet camshafts a protective layer and case hardened shell to help aid in strength as well as lobe surface lubrication. This is extremely important for flat tappet style engines (IE Subaru EJ, Mitsubishi 4b11, Toyota 2JZ, etc). This nitrided layer also adds greater protection for break-in and long-term surface durability.

GSC Power Division has instituted this coating across our entire product line with extreme attention to the Subaru EJ motor due to its horizontal design and the tough oiling conditions inside of the heads to the camshafts and translating tappets. GSC Power-Division is excited to see the new, higher standard of expectation these camshafts will take to the aftermarket.

GSC Power-Division Billet S1 Cams (268/268)

The Billet S1 Cams are designed for those with the stock turbo up to the GT30/50Trim. These cams will not sacrifice any bottom end loss over stock cams; nothing but gains and will promote faster spooling of the upgraded turbos. Gains of 30-55 WHP (depending on Turbo) have been seen by simply bolting the S1 cams in. Designed for a rev range of 3000-8000 RPM, these cams work well on the stock valve springs.
• 300-450 WHP camshaft.
• Idle is slightly rougher than stock

GSC Power-Division Billet S2 Cams (274/274)

The Billet S2 cams are designed for those with more power in mind or a larger turbo. No low end power is lost vs the stock cams when used with the larger turbos. The S2 cams will show gains of 50-70 WHP over the stock cams and in some cases more in the higher RPMS. Great for 2.0L engines revving to 9000rpms or for Stroker motors revving to 8000rpms. The S2 Cams are suggest to run on our upgraded Beehive valve spring replacement or can be run at the stock rev limit and factory boost on the stock spring. Designed for a rev range of 4000-9000 RPMS (2.0L or 3000-8000 2.2L+)
• 400-700 WHP camshaft.
• S2 cams can run on Factory ECU with custom flashing
• Idle is rougher than stock.

GSC Power-Division Billet S3 Cams (280/280)

The Billet S3 Cams are available in an off-the-shelf Hydraulic Lifter Cam profile for the Evo 4-8 4G63. These cams are intended for the 800+ WHP to take advantage of a very large turbo. These are NOT suggested for anyone running smaller than the 67mm to GT42R turbo.

GSC Power-Division Billet Stroker R2 Cams (274/274)

GSC worked closely with English Racing on this profile to offer the 2.2L - 2.4L lower revving engines a profile that would allow for more air volume in the cylinder to help fill the larger displacement engines and make more midrange and top end power.

The 7008R2 is a high-lift, very aggressive profile with a short, overall duration to keep a lower usable rpm band. The 7008R2 is designed to rev between 4000-8500 rpms and should be used with a stroked engine or added displacement engine.

The peak lift of 12.0MM Intake and exhaust will require upgraded valve springs and a titanium retainer with special attention to seal to retainer clearance. With the lift of this profile it is suggested to only use the 5041/5040 Ti retainer and spring kits do to valve seal to retainer clearance. The 5041 can be used to 40+psi and the 5040 to 32psi on the R2 profile at 8500rpms without float or flutter issues. The profile will work fine on the OEM Rocker Arm and the Zero-tick lifter or with the OEM lifter. GSC has seen gains of 25-30 WHP over the S2 profile on the stroked applications with much more possible when used with a ported head and aftermarket intake manifold.

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GSC S3 cams

Great product and fast shipping! Thanks STM!


This is my first purchase from STM and it was great! Ordered s2 cams, springs and retainers, and a nice t-shirt from them on a busy Black Friday sale week and it was shipped and at my door in no time. Great quality parts!

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