GrimmSpeed Stage 3 Power Package - 15-17 WRX



Fits These Applications:
2015-2017 Subaru WRX

The beauty of the GrimmSpeed Staged Power Packages is that all of the included components were designed and tested to work well together, as a complete system. Instead of piecing together parts from many different manufacturers and hoping that they're design theories are compatible, consider starting with one of our excellent Staged Power Packages based on your goals! The GrimmSpeed Stage 3 Power Package is a well-rounded kit, offering increased power and torque output thanks to reduced restriction before and after the turbo, as well as a more aggressive street presence thanks to the intake and exhaust tones. Stage 3 kits include the GrimmSpeed intercooler and charge pipe, a combo that will not only increase safety with your more powerful setup, but will allow you to make addition power thanks to cooler charge temps and lower restriction at higher RPMs.
The upgraded GrimmSpeed 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid offers more accurate and more responsive boost control and is a must when having your vehicle professionally tuned. The GrimmSpeed Intake adds an additional performance increase by reducing pre-turbo restriction, which allows your turbo to build boost more quickly and more efficiently. The GrimmSpeed J-Pipe replaces the extremely restrictive factory J-Pipe and catalytic converter with high quality 3” diameter stainless tubing and a high-flow catalytic converter.

-Decrease Spool Time - Lower intake restriction and better boost control
-Plug and Play into OEM Harness - No splicing wires like other BCS solutions
-Hybrid Cold Air/Short Ram Design - Combining the advantages and eliminating the negatives of both traditional intake designs
-Custom reusable high flow air filter - Integrated velocity stack entrance smooths incoming air
-Stainless Steel Construction - The J-Pipe is constructed of high grade 304L SS for corrosion resistance and durability
-Made in the USA - Minnesota

-GrimmSpeed 3-Port Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
-GrimmSpeed StealthBox Cold Air Intake System
-GrimmSpeed Catted J-Pipe
-GrimmSpeed Top Mount Intercooler
-GrimmSpeed Intercooler Charge Pipe
-GrimmSpeed License Plate Frames

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