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Forced Performance -4AN In-Line Black Oil Filter for Ball Bearing Turbos

Forced Performance


Fits these Applications:
Universal Product
For use with Ball-Bearing Turbos
(Recommended by Garrett for GT25R, GT30R, GT35R)

The body of the black filter features a built in .030" restrictor as recommended by Garrett for use with their GT25R, GT30R, GT35R cartridges. The Forced Performance -4AN In-Line Oil Filter is made with female 4AN at the inlet side and male 4AN at the outlet side. This allows the filter to install into virtually any 4AN line without additional fittings.

Features a 10 micron replaceable filter element that captures oil contaminants in its basket. The filter basket is easily removable for quick inspection and cleaning. The filter can be run in either direction, but the preffered flow direction is in the female side and out the male side. This allows all the contaminants to be collected inside the filter basket rather than collecting the contaminants all over the outside of the filter basket.

Remember that the filter can become clogged. While you may have prevented a turbo failure by filtering out contaminants, you can CAUSE a failure by limiting oil supply through a plugged oil line filter. Check the filter regularly, inspect the filter whenever you perform an engine oil change. Turbo failures resulting from plugged filters are the responsibility of the user.

The user is responsible for verifying that sufficient oil pressure is present at the turbo oil inlet. Turbo failures resulting from over restriction of the oil feed line is the responsibility of the user.

The FP Promise:
FP turbocharger customers who use the FP4ANFILTER on their FP turbos for the entire service life of the turbocharger will NEVER pay for a turbo repair resulting from oil contamination. This promise protects you against oil contamination only and does not extend to failures due to insufficient oil supply, plugged filter, excessive EGT, failure to connect coolant lines to the turbo, or blade damage resulting from fingers, rags, O2 sensor pigtails, boost controller vacuum lines, stray washers or small rodents that may get sucked into the turbo or object such as valve, valve guide or piston chunklets that may get spit out of the engine.

FP turbo customers who have used the FP4ANFILTER for the entire service life of the turbocharger should send in a copy of the original invoice showing the simultaneous purchase of the FP4ANFilter and the FP turbo that is being presented for servicing or repair in order to benefit from this oil contamination protection promise.

(1) FP -4AN Black Inline Oil Filter (.030" Orifice)

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