EuroExport Honda K20/K24/F20C/F22C Valve Spring Compressor Tool



Application Fitment:

Honda F-Series and K-Series Heads

Installing valve springs has never been easier. With the help of this valve spring compressor tool, it only takes a matter of seconds to install the valves spring assembly in your vehicle. Simply align the holes on the aluminum body of the valve spring compressor with the ones on the head, bolt it using the provided short bolts, place the valve spring, retaienr and retainer cap on the retainers, bolt down the long bolt, placethe keepers using the magnetized screwdriver, and voila! it's done. Our valve spring compressor was specifically designed for Honda K and F series heads and thus will fit flawlessly without any modifications. 

-CNC machined 6061 anodized aluminum
-Steel bolts, washers, and retainer cap
-Can be used with the head on the block
-Will not slip and scratch or damage your head like universal clamp type valve spring compressors
-No need to remove the rocker arm shafts
-Included is a small magnetized screw driver to very easely remove or install the keeper
-Made in the United States


  • Billet valve spring compressor body
  • Retainer cap
  • Two short bolts
  • One long bolt w/ rounded tip
  • Magnetic screwdriver

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