Deatschwerks DW65C 265LPH Fuel Pump & Install Kit



Deatschwerks fuel pumps are available with a universal install kit as pictured or choose from the vehicle-specific kits available in the purchase menu. E85 Safe!

Pictured with the universal install kit.

Part Number Install Kit
9-651-1000 Fuel Pump with Universal Install Kit
9-651-1010 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for BRZ/FRS/86/2015+ WRX
9-651-1026 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for Evo X
STMKIT-DW-9-652-1009(x2) Fuel Pump with Install Kit for R35 GTR (* Includes 2 Pumps *)

The DW65c was the industry's first compact fitment high flow pump. The compact fitment offers easy installation into many modern fuel pump modules where standard sized pumps (such as DW100, DW200, and DW300) cannot be fitted. The DW65c flows 265lph at 40psi and features a quiet and reliable turbine impeller which is compatible with pulse width modulated pump drivers. The pump also features an encapsulated armature for compatability with ethanol based fuels. All DW fuel pumps are backed by a 3 year no fault warranty.

• Weight: 10.1oz (285grams)
• External Materials: Electroplated steel
• Inlet Fitting: 7.7mm ID, 11.0mm OD
• Outlet Fitting: 5/16" hose clamp
• PRV Activation: 100psi
• Impeller Design: Single Scroll Composite Turbine
• Connector Terminal: Spade pos/neg
• Min Voltage Input: 6 volts
• Max Voltage Input: 18 volts
• Current Draw (40 psi): 12 amps (13.5v)

Fuel Pump
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