D2 Coilover Systems - 3000GT/Stealth



Fits these Applications:
1991-1999 3000GT VR-4 & Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo

The D2 Racing Sports (RS) coilover system gives car enthusiasts the ability to fully customize their suspension system. These coilover systems come with a fully adjustable 36-way monotube dampening system and custom spring rates ranging from 3 to 22 kg/mm. Ride height adjustments can be made easily with the incorporated Teflon coated spring perch and allows for vehicle drop of up to 120mm on most applications. In addition, D2 Racing Sports coilover systems also allow users to make camber adjustments with the included 6061 powder coated aluminum camber plates and upper pillow ball mounts.

The D2 Racing Drag suspension kits greatly reduce your 1/4 mile time by offering increased traction properties through the use of drag specific dampening and spring rates while still retaining 36 ways of adjustment.

D2 Racing RALLY Asphalt suspension kits are built using steel mounts, elongated spring and stroke with matched dampening properties, and 44mm pistons to maintain performance and endurance during long-term use. These coilovers feature an inverted monotube strut design and 36-way damping adjustment designed to withstand the toughest rally conditions.
D2 Rally Asphalt are adjustable -0.5 to -3.0 from factory ride height.

All D2 Racing Sports coilover systems are CNC machined to meet high quality standards and are fully rebuildable and serviceable in the United States. With the D2 Racing Sports Coilovers, all suspension components are included in the coilover kit. Suspension components don’t have to be purchased separately, eliminating compatibility issues between spring and shock. Every D2 Racing Sports coilover system comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

- 36-Way adjustable rebound and dampening
- Monotube high pressure design for fade free performance
- Custom spring rates from 3 to 22 kg/mm
- Teflon coated spring perch
- Vehicle drops of up to 120mm, 90-100mm on some applications
- 6061 powder coated aluminum camber plates and upper pillow ball mounts
- Includes keys for ride height adjustment
- CNC machined
- Fully rebuildable and serviceable in the United States

- 4x Height adjustable shock absorber
- 4x Main springs
- 4x Lowering spring seat
- 4x Seat lock
- 2x Height adjustment tool
- 1x Technical manual

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