AMS Push Style Triple Metallic HD Clutch Kit - Evo X



Fits These Applications:
2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

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The AMS/Exedy EVO X Push Style Triple Metallic HD Clutch Kit is the solution for worry-free high RPM shifting. Only available through AMS, this clutch kit has been converted to a more reliable push style actuation utilizing a hydraulic throw out bearing. The same design that was developed and used on our Championship Winning Time Attack EVO X is now available to the public.

As we pushed the RPM higher, we found the limit of the factory pull style clutch clip which comes unclipped at speeds well outside factory limits. This new product is designed especially for the EVO X and 850+ horsepower levels while producing far less heat than a standard clutch. The clutch is very streetable and comfortable to drive, but suggested for racing applications only. Pedal pressure increase is approx 10%. Great for drag & road racing.

Utilizes proven and affordable Exedy clutch components
Comes complete, no other parts needed
Complete reliability, no throw out bearing clips to pop off during high RPM shifts
Comfortable precise release point
Hydraulic throw out bearing
Only available with the high clamp load cover! (+10%)
Also available as a retrofit kit for any Exedy multi plate clutch


  • Engine vibrations can cause a rattle in the intermediate separator plate when the clutch is disengaged. This rattle will in no way affect the performance of the Exedy Multi Plate Clutch. This noise is well accepted in the performance industry when multi plate clutches are used.
  • A vehicle modified by the use of performance parts and tuning may not meet the legal requirements for use on public roads. Use or installation of performance parts and tuning may adversely affect the drivability and reliability of your vehicle, and may also affect or eliminate your insurance coverage, factory warranty and new OEM part warranty. Performance parts are sold as is without any warranty of any type. There is no warranty stated or implied due to the stress placed on your vehicle by performance parts and our inability to monitor its use, tuning or modification.

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