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AMS Alpha Spec Nissan R35 GT-R Drag Suspension Package



Fits these Applications:
2009-2017 Nissan R35 GT-R

Everything we’ve added to the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Drag Suspension Package has been carefully selected to provide your GT-R with improved traction and handling on the drag strip. This package offers a responsive combination of Alpha, SPL and Whiteline suspension components to help you experience lower elapsed times and increased contact with the track while maintaining acceptable ride quality on the street.

Alpha Drag Suspension

The Alpha Drag Suspension is the same suspension system found on our record-setting Alpha Omega. It was designed to work with softer drag radials or slicks allowing them to perform the way they were intended to. Adjust both compression and rebound with double adjustable damping controls in addition to preload and height. A set of four springs and dampers help you transfer weight smoothly upon launch while minimizing wheel spin. This results in more consistent and improved 60ft times as well as lower ET’s.

Front shocks are designed for maximum droop travel. This allows your GT-R to rotate and transfer weight smoothly with less shock to the tires. It helps to eliminate any break or loss in traction.

Alleviate Stress on Your GT-R’s Drivetrain

The soft, drag race specific valving and spring rates found in our drag suspension will also drastically reduce wheel hop.  By reducing wheel hop, you are also significantly reducing wear and stress on your transmission and other drivetrain components.

When a high level of power and torque from your GT-R is being applied to the ground during a full-out launch on stock or road race suspensions, wheel hop often occurs due to its tight compression rates. When this violent shaking occurs it wreaks havoc on your $20,000+ GR6 transmission!  In addition, it subjects your axles, differentials and other drivetrain components to abuse – all of which can be significantly reduced with the Alpha Drag Suspension. Such benefits make our Alpha Drag Suspension the crucial component for this particular Alpha GT-R suspension package.

Rear Suspension Upgrades

All necessary SPL Pro Suspension GT-R rear linkages, rods and bushings are provided and work together in unison to give you improved traction. With proper adjustments, you can maximize the contact patch your GT-R sets upon launch and maintain grip throughout each pass.  


SPL Pro Component Function
Titanium Rear Traction Links Reduces unwanted rear toe change. Allows you to adjust rear bumpsteer characteristics.
Titanium Rear Camber Links Increases range of rear camber adjustment needed for lowered ride height. Improves camber angle and increases/reduces tire contact patch.
Titanium Rear Toe Links Increases range of rear toe adjustment. Improves the rear end responsiveness through cornering giving the driver more handling predictability,
Rear Endlinks Stronger with improved articulating capability. Designed to handle stiffer sway bars that exert more load. Length adjustable to eliminate preload.
Eccentric Lockout Kit Replaces unreliable stock eccentric bolts meant for small camber/toe adjustments. This eliminates any chance of accidental alignment changes.
Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushing Set Eliminates flex by replacing stock rubber rear knuckle bushings. No unwanted camber and toe changes caused by shifts in rubber bushing.

Front Suspension Upgrades

Front end performance is further enhanced with the addition of Whiteline control arm bushings (caster/camber). The combination provides increased high speed stability and improved “return to center” response along with more precise steering control.  

The Complement to Your Potent GT-R Drag Setup

For higher horsepower GT-R owners running drag radials or slicks, the Alpha Performance Drag Suspension Package is the essential suspension package for your beloved R35 GT-R. It replaces all the necessary components to help increase traction down the strip with adjustability to help maintain excellent mannerisms on the street.


  • Improved handling and traction
  • Dual purpose suspension for use on and off the track
  • All the suspension adjustability you need – straight forward and effective
  • Comprised only of high quality components from Alpha, SPL Pro and Whiteline


  • Alpha GT-R Drag Suspension Package
  • SPL Titanium Rear Traction Links
  • SPL Titanium Rear Camber Links
  • SPL Titanium Rear Toe Links
  • SPL Eccentric Lockout Kit
  • SPL Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushing Set
  • Whiteline Lower inner Control Arm Bushings
  • Whiteline Upper Inner Control Arm Bushings

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