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AMS Alpha Nissan R35 GT-R Drag Slick & Brake Package



Fits these Applications:
2009-2017 Nissan R35 GTR

The Alpha R35 GT-R Drag Slick & Brake Package provides you the best combination of traction and stopping power on the drag strip without having to modify the rear hub assembly of your GT-R. It’s perfect for those serious about drag racing, but not ready to commit to modifying their rear suspension to fit 15” drag wheels and taller slicks.

Alpha R35 GT-R Carbon Ceramic Brake Package

The Alpha Carbon Ceramic Brakes for the GT-R serve as the perfect all-around brake package for the street, drag strip, but they serve especially well providing excellent stopping power in any drag race situation. AMS developed this package to eliminate 62lbs of rotating mass off your GT-R, which, in turn, improves both acceleration and stopping distance. High quality brand name carbon ceramic rotors last up to 4x longer than traditional steel rotors, can operate at more extreme temperatures without warping and provide additional bite especially when paired with a full set of our Alpha Spec carbon specific brake pads (included in the package). Even better, you will experience no squeaking or squealing when applying brake pressure – an undesirable effect many experience using other high performance or track specific brake systems.

Alpha R35 GT-R Drag Wheel & Tire Package

Looking for traction to match the horsepower of your R35 GT-R? The Alpha R35 GT-R Drag Wheel and Tire Package offers 17” Alpha R35 GT-R drag wheels and Hoosier D06 Drag Compound Racing Slicks for loads more traction over any drag radial on the market. This combination helps to eliminate wheel hop, tires spin and reduces more than 20lbs of rotating mass per rear wheel. All this improves 60ft times and acceleration for lower ET’s in the quarter mile. Not to mention, with less wheel hop, you also save unnecessary wear and tear on your GR6 transmission.

This 17” wheel & tire combo satisfies the traction needs for most GT-R owners out there who produce more than 800 horsepower on their setup. No alterations are needed to the wheel hub assembly or other suspension components which is all the reason why our Alpha R35 GT-R Drag Wheel & Tire Package is so popular within the GT-R community.

Launch and Stop With Ease

To simplify the process of upgrading your GT-R for the drag strip, we developed this combination to provide you the most effective, least invasive system for launching and stopping your GT-R. Both packages can be installed with ease and offer you incredible, consistent traction and stopping power on the drag strip. When you’re done for the day, a simple rear tire swap will get you on the road in no time.


  • Brake installation reduces 63lbs of rotating mass
  • Wheel & Tire installation reduces 40lbs of rotating mass
  • Improved traction and acceleration for lower 60ft times and ¼ mile ET’s
  • Significantly reduces wheel hop for less wear and tear on your transmission
  • Improved stopping power which serves well on the street and drag strip
  • Requires no modification to your rear hub assembly or other suspension components
  • Switching from drag strip to street use is as simple as swapping the tires.


  • Full set of high quality brand name carbon ceramic rotors – 380mm (F)/F380mm (R) – 2009-2011 | 393mm (F)/380mm (R) – 2012+
  • 700-Series Aluminum Hard Anodized Hats
  • Alpha Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Alpha Spec Pagid Carbon Ceramic Specific Brake Pads
  • Brake Disc temperature paint application
  • 17” Alpha aluminum 3-piece rear drag wheels
  • Hoosier D06 Drag Compound Racing Slicks (Rear – 28.0/10.0/17)
  • All necessary hardware

Product Notes

  • Minor clearancing of the rear calipers is necessary for installation.  This can be done by using the supplied instructions or the calipers can be sent in for us to perform this service.
  • Brake disc temperature paint.  Green and red paint turn white, orange turns yellow at the corresponding temperature level: Green 430ºC (800ºF), Orange 560ºC (1040ºF), Pink 610ºC (1130ºF).  It is suggested to keep rotor temperatures below 540ºC (1000ºF) for longevity
  • Due to the reflective heat properties associated with a carbon rotors AMS highly recommends the user flush the brake system with a high temperature performance brake fluid such as Motul or Castrol SRF
  • NOT FOR USE WITH REGULAR RADIAL TIRES IN FRONT. A low profile high performance street radial has very quick steering response, this is a really bad combo with the soft wall bias ply tires in back.  Use only soft compound Drag Radial in the front when running rear slicks.
  • Front wheels & tires not included

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