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AMS 750XP Billet V Band Turbo Kit - Evo X



Fits These Applications:
2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
* Must have aluminum valve cover *

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The AMS EVO X 750XP Billet V-band Turbo Kit is the most advanced and reliable kit on the market. Loaded with the latest turbo technology, this race-proven package not only produces unmatched power and spool, but is also designed to withstand the abuse of professional Motorsports with 2 National Championships to prove it!

The Strongest, Most Advanced Design On The Market
In 2008 we set out to design a kit that matched the quality of OEM Mitsubishi components while providing the extraordinary power and response AMS is known for. To accomplish this level of quality, reliability and performance, we created the industry’s first cast tubular V-band exhaust manifold. By applying cast stainless steel construction, we eliminated the restrictive design geometry and the possibility of cracking found with hand-fabricated headers. By casting the manifold, we were able to maximize exhaust flow while utilizing the small space available between the engine and firewall of the EVO X.

Quick Spooling, Yet Produces Massive Power; The Best Of Both Worlds
By applying the latest in AMS billet wheel and V-band turbo technology we set the bar even higher. Billet compressor wheels are not only lighter, which helps quicken spool time, but they also have superior aerodynamic profiles that compress more air efficiently: less heat = more power. Ceramic ball-bearing center sections are more durable, have less friction, and don’t require coolant unlike traditional ball-bearing units.

V-band turbos use a lightweight housing which has proven to flow better, spool quicker and make more power than their flanged counterparts. They also require less complex hardware which provides easy fitment and a durable seal – eliminating the need for a gasket.

AMS 750XP: The Newest Generation Of Turbo Technology
At AMS we are constantly improving our turbo’s in search of the ultimate balance of power and response for your car. The new AMS 750XP EVO X Turbo features a newly revised wheel design featuring a slightly larger turbine for even more top-end power without sacrificing spool up or response! You still get the unrivaled response of our old 750R down low, with the added benefit of increased horsepower throughout the power-band.

Safety Through Proper Engineering… Often Overlooked By The Competition
With the cramped EVO X engine bay, the added heat associated with higher power output becomes an issue. There have been unfortunate incidents of engine fires on EVO X’s with aftermarket headers. AMS has this covered with a comprehensive heat shield to protect your firewall from the extra heat.

Championship Winning, Race Proven Power For Your Street Car
In 2009 AMS campaigned two EVO X’s in the Redline Time Attack series using the AMS EVO X Turbo Kit. During that year, not only did both cars win their class championships and set track records at each event, they also proved that the AMS kit can take the extreme abuse of professional competition. With over 6000 miles of track abuse at wide open throttle for an entire racing season, each turbo kit performed flawlessly without skipping a beat… now that is AMS quality you can rely on!

-AMS 750XP Turbo
-AMS 304 stainless steel cast exhaust manifold
-Upper intercooler pipe coupler
-Stainless steel downpipe
-Oil lines and coolant jumper
-Turbo support bracket
-Exhaust manifold heat shield
-Detailed installation guide
-AMS 750R Turbo Kit – 555-750 Horsepower
-Spool 3600-4200 RPM
-Street/Track/Strip Turbo

-The AMS EVO X Turbo Kit is NOT COMPATIBLE with the black plastic valve covers found on some 2008-09 and all 2010 models. Aftermarket turbo systems create more heat that can cause the plastic cover to melt, distort or even in some severe cases cause a fire. AMS REQUIRES that all Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X’s run the aluminum valve cover found on most 2008-09 EVO’s part number 1035A810 when installing an AMS EVO 10 Turbo kit. Please physically verify your cover is not the black plastic version prior to ordering.

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