AMS Short Block 4G63 2.3L Road Race - Evo 4-9



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Fits These Applications:
1996-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV V VI VII VIII IX

The AMS Evo 2.3RR Motor is an AMS EXCLUSIVE! This is the ultimate in road racing power plants providing low RPM torque AND top end horsepower. This is the same race-proven engine that powered AMS TA1 to Overall Championship Wins in the 2009 & 2010 Caribbean Motor Racing Championship Series.
Engineered For Maximum Output Across The Entire Power-Band
In 2006 we set out to engineer and build an engine that has the RPM range of a 2.0L and the low RPM torque of a stroker. Rod ratio, rod length, and bore to stroke ratio were optimized to support high volumetric efficiency at all RPMs. What we ended up producing was an engine with the broadest power band in the industry!
Our Race Winning Experience Creates Higher Standards
This is not an off the shelf combination, no expense was spared on this motor. It is stuffed full of only the absolute BEST parts available. The foundation of this motor is an extended deck height block expertly machined to AMS specifications. Extra thick cylinder walls are bored and honed to accept 2.3RR AMS spec pistons which are hard anodized and have a friction reducing skirt coating applied. The pistons have been specially designed for strength while reducing weight to minimize stress on wrist pins, rods and bearings. Our custom length, light weight 4130 billet rods are held to the crank with ARP 625+ Custom Age rod bolts. The rotating assembly is specifically designed for high strength and is meticulously balanced to the gram.
Do it right the first time, order your AMS 2.3RR engine today!

-AMS prepped extended deck height block with custom oil squirters
-Copper O-ringed deck
-Crank is knife edged and gun drilled for weight reduction
-AMS spec pistons with slipper skirt for shorter, lighter wrist pin
-Choice of compression ratios
-2.27 L displacement
-No core charge required
-Comes completely assembled and balanced

-Extended deck height block completely machined *
-Manley “Turbo Tuff Series” Crankshaft 4340 Billet
-Manley “Turbo Tuff Series” I-Beam rods
-Manley Lightweight Stroker Pistons
-ARP Main studs
-Custom MLS head gasket for proprietary bore size
-New Mitsubishi oil pump
-New Mitsubishi water pump
-AMS race balance shaft
-Full assembly by AMS

-Please specify when ordering if you would like 9.5:1 compression or 10.0:1 Compression
-Please specify when ordering if you have MIVEC

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