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Alpha Performance Omega Brushless Fuel Pump System - Nissan R35 GT-R



Fits these Applications:
2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R

AMS designed the Omega Brushless Fuel Pump System to solve the fueling problems most GT-R owners have been plagued with for years.  The fuel pump options for the GT-R were always a compromise – leaving us with a bulky, difficult to install, obnoxiously loud, multiple pump setups prone to fuel starvation. This is primarily due to pressure loss caused from overheating. With this in mind, the AMS engineering team set out to create the end-all, be-all of fuel systems for the future.  With over 2 years of extensive research and testing, AMS now has the ultimate fueling solution for your R35 GT-R!

Why Is A Brushless Motor Better?
Brushed motor fuel pumps create heat due to the brushes rubbing against a commutator.  This rubbing wears away both the brushes and the commutator – making the fuel pump a wear item quite similar to your brake pads and rotors.  Additional heat is also generated by the pumping and pressurizing of fuel.  Since brushed fuel pump output is usually static based off input voltage (battery voltage), the pump is running at 100% duty all the time. In any event, you have heat caused by the friction of the rubbing as well as more heat caused by the constant pressurization of fuel.   

Contrary to this, brushless motors do not suffer from the friction and wear found on a brushed motor, nor do they generate the same level of heat. Not even close. That’s because, nothing touches outside of a few bearings and it uses a controller to determine speed and output. The controller has the ability to lower output when less pressure is needed and increase output when more pressure is needed. The result is a significantly reduced fuel temperature. To ensure the best results, AMS Omega Fuel Pumps use OE quality brushless motors and automotive spec brushless controllers.

Lower Fuel Temperature To Save Your VR38 Engine  
One of the biggest problems your R35 GT-R has is the overheating of fuel inside your tank. The fuel tank already sits above a heat-soaked GR6 transmission and exhaust.  Having 2 or 3 inefficient brushed pumps inside the tank just adds to this problem.  We have seen fuel boil inside a GTR fuel tank with as little as 140° F ( 60° C).  When fuel boils, pump output drops dramatically – reducing the fuel supply to the engine.  Not enough fuel triggers a lean condition that causes detonation or extreme combustion temperatures hot enough to melt your engine components.

Screw Style Pump For Maximum Fuel Output In The Most Demanding Conditions
In line with the electrical motor, you have the mechanical side of the fuel pump.  This is what actually pumps / pressurizes the fuel.  During testing, we found that the style of pump makes a huge difference in pumping efficiency, especially when fuel temperature gets elevated.  Traditionally, a vane style or impeller style pump is used.  Unfortunately, with this style, fuel output can drop as much as 50% at higher fuel temps.  The Omega Brushless Fuel Pump uses a screw style pumping mechanism which is practically immune to this phenomenon.

Super High Flow And Consistent Fuel Pressure  
All too often, standard fuel pumps suffer from pressure drop at higher fuel pressures. Our superior screw style fuel pump maintains much higher pressure despite these harsh operating conditions. The graph below compares the Omega Brushless Fuel Pump with others on the market along with a stock Bugatti pump for reference.

Whisper Quiet Operation
Modified fuel systems are always louder than stock, taking away from your driving pleasure with their irritating whine.  With the great horsepower capabilities of the twin turbo VR38 engine, 2-3 aftermarket pumps are often needed which compounds the problem.  Not only is the Omega Pump quieter than your typical aftermarket pump, just a single pump can supply enough fuel for 1200WHP on regular gasolines (800whp on ethanol based fuels such as E85).

Small, Easy To Install Pump Unmatched By Others
Traditional high output fuel pumps are bulky and almost always require multiple pumps to meet fuel requirements. This makes installation inside your fuel tank difficult and sometimes requires dangerous external mounting.  The Omega Pump however fits neatly in the stock fuel tank and location – retaining all functionality of the factory fuel system. The high capacity allows just one pump to do the work of 2 conventional high performance fuel pumps.  In addition, our system comes complete with a precision CNC’d aluminum housing and all the fittings and hardware for a clean installation.


Substantial Fuel Delivery Increase Without Compromise
Rather than eliminate key functions of the fuel system, we chose to integrate them.  The Omega Fuel System actually enhances the factory saddle style fuel system and factory “surge tank” which were designed to help prevent fuel starvation problems during hard cornering and acceleration.


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