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Adam's Microfiber Wash Mitt

Adams Polishes


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Adam's Microfiber Wash Mitt:
• Extremely absorbent and soft!
• Premium 70/30 blend of high quality microfibers
• Safe and effective
• Long microfiber pile for huge amount of suds
• Made in the USA!

(1) Microfiber Wash Mitt

Adam’s Microfiber Wash Mitt is the softest washing mitt yet! With 1500 GSM, it's guaranteed to glide over your paint without introducing new swirls. We added an internal seam to help guide your fingers when reaching into the tight areas! We made this microfiber wash mitt even more plush and thicker to hold more soap and suds to be gentle on your finish! This Microfiber Wash Mitt combined with Adam's wash bucket and grit guard, or foam gun, significantly reduces the chances of introducing swirls into your clear coat and damaging your paint.

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