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Adam's Americana Paste Wax (6oz)

Adams Polishes


Not available online

Adam's products are only available for purchase IN-STORE or by phone.

Please give us a call to confirm your favorite product is in stock or stop by to see what treats we have for your car! Most products we showcase online are what we keep on the shelves! 

Adam's Americana Paste Wax:
• Adds Unbelievable Depth and Gloss
• Super Easy to Use Paste Car Wax
• America's Favorite USA-Made Car Wax
• Perfect Balance of Longevity and Enhancement
• Made in the USA!

Package Size:
6oz Plastic Jar with Applicator

What's new about it? After 16 years in business the Adam's team set off to make their best selling paste wax even better.

More Shine
More Protection
Easier To Use
Less Expensive
New Scent
New Applicator

As you apply Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax, your senses come alive with a soft, soothing aroma. So go ahead and day dream a little about your favorite summertime experience on the beach, at the lake, or where ever it takes you. When you get back, the shine on your car will have you smiling all over again.

Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax is made in very limited quantities by an American working man, for the American working man or woman! Similar grade waxes are selling for $100, $175 even $1,500, but none of them will out-shine Adam’s Americana. Adam's backs that claim with a 110% money back guarantee.

Adam's includes their Americana Applicator to make it glide on for a perfect and easy buff off. You will agree, this is the most effective wax applicator ever made.

See it in Action:

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