OEM Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11 Engine Gasket Overhaul Kit


SKU: MIT-1000B338

Genuine OEM Mitsubishi Evo X 4B11 Engine Gasket Overhaul Kit

Fits these Applications:
2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Genuine OEM Mitsubishi Engine Gasket Kit fits all the 2008-2015 Evolution X models.

(1) (MR258477) Gasket, Oil Return Pipe
(1) (MN143034) Gasket, Throttle Body
(1) (MN187246) Gasket, Water Pump
(1) (MR281085) Gasket, Air Outlet Fitting
(1) (MN187247) Gasket, Cooling Water Outlet Hose Fitting
(1) (1305A458) Gasket, Thermostat Housing
(1) (1515A053) Gasket, Air Inlet Fitting
(1) (1540A066) Gasket, Intake Manifold
(1) (1052A0809) Oil Seal, Front
(1) (1052A824) Oil Seal, Case Assy
(1) (1515A184) Gasket, Turbocharger
(1) (1555A417) Gasket , Exhaust Manifold
(1) (1005A966) Gasket, Cylinder Head
(1) (MF660031) Gasket, Oil and Water Drain 6mm Crush Washer
(2) (MF660064) Gasket, Union Nipple
(4) (MF660065) Gasket, 14mm Crush Washer
(1) (MD030764) O-Ring, Water Pipe
(1) (MD050317) Gasket, Oil Drain Plug
(1) (MD075834) O-Ring, Engine Oil Filler
(16) (MN183952) Seal, Valve Steam
(1) (1226A003) Gasket, Oil Outlet Tube Lower Seal
(1) (1310A344) O-Ring, Oil Return Pipe
(1) (1555A289) Gasket, Turbocharger
(1) (1035A583) Gasket, Cylinder Head Cover

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