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LithiumPros 16V/11Ah Lithium Ion Battery with Charge Protection



Lithium Pros 16V/11Ah Lithium Ion Battery with Charge Protection - T680-16

Please Note: All 16V batteries require a special lithium battery charger. The full kit is pictured below and is available for purchase in the drop down menu, or purchase them separately.

The T series batteries feature a charge protection board. The third terminal on the battery is intended for the charger's ground connection and allows for balanced and safe recharging of the battery. However the T series batteries do not include a low voltage disconnect. It is very important that the battery voltage never drop below 12.0V. Over discharge damage is excluded from warranty coverage. Further, T series batteries are not to be used with alternators and they are not to be connected in series (for higher voltage) or parallel (for higher capacity.) For low voltage protection, alternators, and multiple battery banks, use L1600A.

The Lithium pros 16V/14A Lithium Ion Battery Charger with LCD Display (1008) is a great choice for charging any Lithium Pros 16V battery. With a 14A charge rate, you can easily top up your battery between rounds, or simply charge the battery before use. This charger features an LCD display, which shows the voltage during charging.

Features & Specs:
Weight: 4.63 lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.16 x 3.05 x 6.63 in
Automotive-grade LiFePO4 chemistry
Full over-charge protection
Internal cell balancing
Voltage: 16
Reserve Minutes: 26
Watt Hours: 176
14A of output!
Constant Current/Constant Voltage method for a fast and complete charge
Easy-to-read LCD display
Fully automatic
Universal input voltage: 110~240VAC
Works great with portable generators

Please note: While we, and most of the racing community, use these as replacement car batteries, these batteries are not intended for that use. STM does not warranty batteries. Please contact the manufacturer with any performance concerns.

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